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HASI is a company specializing in the field of micro-computing with 26 years of experience in the Portuguese market, exclusively dedicated to the commercialization of Toshiba products, being the only company in Portugal that offers technical and after-sales customer support.

Awarded for the quality of its services and achieving the first place in Toshiba’s sales ranking for several years, HASI is currently Toshiba’s most representative partner in the Portuguese market and a reference for other partners in Europe.


Ensuring the best service for our clients, according to the following criteria: quality, cost, time and service, always guaranteeing the greatest transparency, sustainability and the best solutions, through a continuous improvement of the services and technologies involved in the processes.


To be a company oriented towards quality and excellence in the services provided to clients. We build close relationships with our suppliers through sustainable policies, that are socially and environmentally conscious, assuring the best products and services for our clients. We measure our work by the highest standards of rigor and ethics, fundamental traits for a successful business culture.


Client Focus, Rigor, Confidence, Excellence and Innovation




Warranty Extensions

Protect your investment in the long run with an international warranty extension.


Outsourcing Service

We guarantee a competitive solution which is more cost effective than creating or maintaining your own service or team.


Resale and Recycling

We take care of your device disposal for you in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


  • Av. da Quinta Grande, 30 J Alfragide 2610-161 Amadora Portugal

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Av. da Quinta Grande, 30 J Alfragide
2610-161 Amadora Portugal

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