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HA - Soluções Informáticas

Av. da Quinta Grande, 30 J Alfragide
2610-161 Amadora Portugal



HA Soluções Informáticas – Toshiba Partner.

Av. da Quinta Grande, 30 J – Alfragide, 2610-161 Amadora Portugal

Phone: +351 210 994 174





The best way to contact HASI is through email, as it not only allows that every question or doubt is placed (contrary to an overloaded telephone line), but it also leaves a record of all the messages exchanged between the client and HASI, making it easier for both parties to keep track of communication.

Before you ask us a question, please check if it is not already answered in our FAQ. For your convenience, we have grouped some of the most common questions asked by our clients and written an answer for each one.


Apart from the readily available products that can be purchased through our store, we can try to obtain what you are looking for through our suppliers.

To get a quote and know if it is possible to obtain the products you are looking for, send an email to indicating what you are looking for.

In order to assist you in the best possible way, be as specific as possible when making the request and provide the following information:

  • Name of the product(s);
  • References / Serial Number(s) of the product(s);
  • Color of the product(s) (if the product(s) has/have more than one color);
  • Desired amount.

Yes, you can do it without any problem! You will have to register (if you are not registered yet) or login (if you are already registered) in our website, add the products to the shopping cart and proceed to reserve your order, selecting the option “collect at the store”.

Every time you successfully place an order, you will immediately receive an automatic confirmation email.

In case you have not received an email, it means that you have not concluded your order. You can also confirm this situation by accessing the client area in your website.

If you would like to change your delivery or billing address, add, remove or change a product or even cancel your order, we are able to do so while the order is still being processed by our logistics department. However, if your order has been shipped already, it cannot be changed or canceled.

To request any changes or cancelations, you should contact us through and indicate your order number.

We always send the invoice corresponding your order through email and with your order package, inside a small transparent plastic casing.

Before opening your package, remove the invoice and keep it. The invoice might be necessary for warranty purposes.

If you are having difficulties with your login, you should report the situation through our email , indicating your registration details, namely your email and taxpayer number.

When making an online purchase through our store, you can pay through payment reference (using the Multibanco network), bank transfer, Credit Card (VISA only) or MB WAY.

Payment Reference:

Our website will send you an email with an entity, a reference and the value of your order which you will be able to pay through any ATM or Homebanking service;

Orders payed through payment reference will be automatically canceled if they are not paid within three days;

Orders payed through payment reference do not require for a payment slip to be sent;

HASI recommends that latter payment method for online purchases, as it is the simplest and fastest process.


With MB WAY you can pay for your order through the telephone number you have associated to this service;

Orders payed through MB WAY are automatically canceled if they are not paid within five minutes;

Payments through MB WAY do not require a payment slip to be sent;

Payments through MB WAY are only available for orders purchased through our online store.

You need only to open an RMA request through .

Dealing directly with the manufacturer – greater speed and comfort:

You can make use of your warranty by dealing directly with some manufacturers who have this direct assistance service. The advantages of choosing this service, given that you are dealing directly with the manufacturer without any intermediaries, is that everything will be processed faster. If your product is from a manufacturer that offers this type of service, we recommend this method.

Check the warranty page for the contact of manufacturers.

In average, these processes can last between 25 to 30 days. HASI is just an intermediary in this process, thus the resolution time will vary according to the capacity of each manufacturer and supplier.

If you have requested an RMA via email and processed the product through our services, you only to send an email to to know what its status is.