Outsorcing Services

Tailored services according to your needs.

We guarantee a competitive solution, which is more cost effective relative to creating or maintaining an internal team.

Our team of professionals is ready to strategically design a competitive solution for your Company.

Benefits of the Outsourcing Services for your organization

  • Outsourcing IT services allows business managers to focus on their core business.
  • A lot of SMEs lack the budget or resources to internally implement the required IT services or systems. The outsourcing of IT systems and services allows for a more balanced competition between small, medium and large companies.
  • Decreases the risk of inactivity during critical system failures, through a policy of rigorous compliance with the established SLAs.
  • Detailed documentation of all the provided services that serve as guidelines for similar future scenarios, in order to mitigate risks and decrease the need of future interventions.

Avoid unexpected costs.
Extend your warranty worldwide

Afraid of unexpected costs once the standard warranty of your Toshiba product has expired? Extend your warranty and choose between different Service durations up to 4 years to secure your technology investment in the long term. Selected Warranty Extensions further entitle you to one Battery Replacement claim within the service period or the retention of your defective hard drive in case it needs to be replaced.

Why purchase a Toshiba Warranty Extension?

  • Have long-lasting peace of mind for up to 4 years when it comes to the functionality of your Toshiba product.
  • Get worldwide support from our Toshiba Authorised Service providers, where highly trained engineers will repair your products by using Toshiba original service parts or provide you with a functionally equivalent replacement device.
  • Get instant multilingual support for a qualified and easy communication – no matter where you are.

Need professional assistance – no matter where you are?

We’re just around the corner.

You have an important meeting in a couple of days, but something has gone wrong with your Toshiba product? With the Toshiba On-site Repair Service there is no need to worry. Choose for a Service duration up to 4 years and decide between our different On-site Support-Levels.
Furthermore, a Battery or Docking Replacement Service can simply be added on top of your On-site Service as well as a Hard Drive Retention Service. Depending on the On-site offer you choose and the extent of your product defect, our Toshiba Support Centre will either send a Toshiba original service part for you to replace or dispatch a Toshiba certified engineer to your location by the end of the next business day, so you will be back in business in no time.

Why purchase a Toshiba On-site Repair Service?

  • You can save precious time and effort for your business, while our Toshiba certified engineers will personally assist you with hardware support at your location.
  • All Toshiba original service parts and on-site repair are fully covered, leaving you with no unexpected repair costs.
  • The Toshiba certified engineer will visit you on-site by the end of the next business day to fix the problem, so you can avoid any type of business downtime.

Need help with a Toshiba product you can’t work without?
We’ll send you a replacement in no time.

When you rely on your Toshiba system every day, downtime can cause serious disruption to your business. To get you up to speed quickly, Toshiba offers the Swap Next Business Day Service that provides you with a replacement unit right after reporting a defect. Plus, the service includes hardware and logistics to make it as cost efficient as it is fast. This way you can stick to your schedule and save valuable time and money.

Why purchase a Toshiba Swap Service?

  • You can stay focused on your work, while we send out a replacement product (typically delivered on the next business day* if the case has been logged before 3 p.m. local time).
  • Toshiba hardware and logistics are covered, guaranteeing you no additional costs.
  • Easy return of the defective device, only after you have received the replacement device.

*Next business day delivery is only available in the countries of the European Union and is subject to aspects related to product availability, logistics and customs.

Toshiba Business Support Portal
Manage all your Toshiba assets within one platform – for maximum convenience.

Managing all Toshiba assets within your organisation is essential to sustain their high-quality performance. That’s why we created the Toshiba Business Support Portal – so you have everything you need to keep track of your assets, and keep them running to their full potential.

Get a comprehensive list of all your Toshiba devices, request and track services, find technical documents and much more – all within one online platform. Put simply, the Toshiba Business Support Portal helps you save extra time and effort which you can fully invest in your own business.

Why purchase a Toshiba Business Support Portal License?

  • You can minimize your administrative effort and have more time to focus on your business.
  • The Toshiba Business Support Portal license is valid for your whole company, not just for a single device.
  • It comes with a comprehensive range of features: Asset Information, Service Case Announcement & -Tracking, Registration, Technical Knowledge Documents, Driver & Software Download and an Online Contact Form.

Want to start working on your new Toshiba devices straight out of the box?
We’ll take care of the perfect configuration!

The arrival of new IT equipment is usually followed by complex and time-consuming configuration tasks, as several steps must be completed before a PC device is ready for use. But what if you could just unpack your new Toshiba devices and start working with them immediately?

Whether you want to use software imaging for unified setup, tag your devices for added security, personalise system BIOS and drive types, or add your company logo to chassis and packaging. With the Toshiba Configuration Services, you get your individual setup done directly from the factory, reducing in-house efforts to a minimum.

Why purchase a Toshiba Configuration Service?

  • Receive ready-to-go devices with no need to configure systems on your own and give your IT staff the chance to focus on higher priority tasks.
  • Significantly reduce the risk of loss or theft with the Asset Tagging and Logo Etching Services that will help to exactly identify your valuable IT devices.
  • Benefit from pre-defined BIOS settings tailored to your organization’s individual network and security requirements.

Let Toshiba take care of all necessary steps – from delivery to a perfectly performing workplace at your site.

Looking to equip your company with new devices but afraid of a complex, labour-intensive and expensive deployment? We offer an array of services to ensure a smooth transition from old to new devices.

Our Deployment Services span from professional on-site installation by experienced technicians to data migration and the dismantling of your old devices. We manage the compilation of required hardware components and offer a scheduled delivery on customer terms, including non-standard workdays and after business hours. Furthermore, we take care of disconnecting peripherals and transferring existing data to your new devices. Depending on your needs, the services can be purchased separately or as combined packages.

Why purchase a Toshiba Deployment Service?

  • Prevent your daily business from disruptions by getting new assets delivered and deployed after work or on weekends.
  • Let our experienced engineers take care of installations and give your IT staff the chance to focus on higher priorities.
  • From unpacking and inspection to necessary installation and setup operation, we make every workspace ready and won’t leave you to deal with discarded packaging or unrequired stock.

Toshiba Asset Recovery Service

We’ll handle the disposal of your outdated devices for you, in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Your current business equipment has become obsolete and you don’t want to risk an improper disposal nor the misuse of your sensitive in-house data? With the Toshiba Asset Recovery Service it is easier than ever to get rid of your outdated devices while having a clear conscience. Simply leave your old IT equipment with us and we will take care of an eco-friendly disposal as well as a safe and secure deletion of your data.

In the event of redundant devices being in good condition you might even receive an appropriate refund.

Why use the Toshiba Asset Recovery Service?

  • Sustainable recycling: By leaving the recycling of your old IT assets to us, you contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly handling of natural resources.
  • Data Security: In order to prevent misuse of your business data by third parties, we will make sure that all equipment runs through a certified data wipe process for complete security.
  • Money-Back: The Asset Recovery Service leaves you with zero effort! After announcing your discarded devices and accepting a possible Money-Back-Offer, your devices will be packed for transportation and picked-up at your location.

Afraid of losing important data?
We do our best to recover your sensitive business data.

A virus attack, an accidental reformat or even a physical damage to your laptop or hard drive may result in losing highly valuable information stored on your Toshiba product. No need to worry! The Toshiba Data Recovery Service helps you getting back your lost files. If your lost data could be recovered successfully, it will be delivered to you on a new hard drive.

Why purchase a Toshiba Data Recovery Service?

  • Purchasing the service now can save you tremendous costs later should your valuable data need to be recovered.
  • With our long-standing expertise in Data Recovery, you can be sure of total confidentiality of your data.
  • Upon successful recovery, your data will be provided on a brand new hard drive to get your workforce back working in no time.

Need instant support?
We’d be pleased to help you out!

Whenever you need instant help with your Toshiba product we have the right service at your disposal. Your product requires proper repair, your battery needs to be replaced or you have lost your data? – No need to worry! With our portfolio of services on demand we help you out any time – even if your warranty has already expired or the damage of your product is not covered under your current warranty terms.

Why purchase a Toshiba On Demand Service?

  • Get professional & reliable services anytime you need them.
  • We guarantee fair prices for both in- and out-of-warranty products.
  • The On Demand Service gives you the convenience to only pay when you need the service.