Items sold in HASI’s online store are covered the legally established warranty. Before acquiring a good, check the following points described in this page:

– HASI is only a resaler:

– All products sold by HASI are not manufactured by it. During the sale, HASI passes onto the client the warranty of those products;

– Some products are marked with a warranty period indicated by the manufacturer. At the end of the warranty period, the process will have to be dealt with directly between the customer and manufacturer;

– In laptops, the manufacturer will only be able to offer 1 year of warranty. Before buying, we can give you more details regarding possible alternatives;

– In case of you are having any difficulties installing/using a product, make sure you are following all the instructions in the manufacturer’s instruction manual, namely regarding the installation and usage of the appropriate software. If the problem persists, directly contact the manufacturer or contact our customer support;

– In case of an RMA, HASI will do everything within its reach to ensure your product is repaired as fast as possible. However, the client should bear in mind that the conclusion of this process is not exclusively dependent of HASI. All products processed under our RMA services as tested and expedited as fast as possible. From the onwards, the processing of your RMA is the sole responsibility of the suppliers and manufacturers;

– When dealing with discontinued products, the exchange can be made by an equivalent or superior product to the one currently being sold. Despite this, this exchange is solely the responsibility of the manufacturer/supplier. We can equally issue a credit note so that the client can purchase another article.

– RMA requests are made through email at . The non-compliance of the proceedings described in this section will lead to the return of the product, the expenses being covered by the client;

– Bear in mind that, any modification made to the original product will INVALIDATE THE WARRANTY;

– Whether the product is covered by warranty or not, every time it is received for repair and no problem is found or if any malfunction was caused by the client’s incorrect use, a fee may be charged to cover logistical costs;

– Under no circumstances can HASI be held liable for a partial or total loss of the items’ data, programs or software, previously installed in the device(s), being the client’s responsibility to back up his data.

– The deadline for post-repair item retrieval is 30 days counting from the document registration, otherwise, the items will be considered abandoned under the terms of article 1267/1a of the Portuguese Civil Code, HASI no longer being liable for the integrity of the item(s). From the moment the item(s) is/are considered abandoned, the owner will incur a daily penalty fee of 3,5 euros, for each day of delay. After 3 years, counting from the date in the registration document, the item(s) will become property of HASI under the principle of adverse possession. If the client has any outstanding debts with HASI, the latter has the right to retain all the client’s existing items in its facilities until the debt is paid.

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